You are the marketer tasked with a new project - deliver content rich, relevant newsletters to your clients.

Lets look at deliverability and ensuring your campaigns make it into the inbox.

Corporate Email Systems and Email Marketing Campaigning do not work together. Corporate email is transactional - it is one to one in nature while Email Marketing is one to many.

Getting deliverability right is more than just the design of the marketing email and encompasses technical factors.

Email gateway providers monitor traffic and score email servers on various factors such as like bounce backs, spam reports, traffic behaviour, IP reputation, etc.

When you mention to your IT guy that the plan is to send marketing emails through the corporate email server his face screws up and this poor chap is about to explode into a plethora of reasons why he doesn't want that traffic running on his network.

Rightly so, he is also worried about the marketing email being detected as spam and being reported to one of the many Internet Service Providers (ISP's) or Email Gateway providers. This could end up with his email servers being blacklisted causing days of delay while he needs to convince the ISP that he is not a spammer.

To further complicate this, it is known that ISP's share their known blocked lists and in this case the Corporate Email Server would be blocked on more than one gateway causing a complete shut-down on the business email that will damage a well earned business brand and image.

Email marketing has evolved and there are pitfalls and lessons in getting this right with cloud-computing providers.

If you are about to embark on email marketing for the first time or are looking at ways to improve deliverability, talk to us. Our highly experienced team with over 10 years experience can provide you with digital and mobile marketing 'best practise' and knowledge for high-value B2B nurturing and business development.